Wednesday, March 31, 2010

APLF – Materials, Manufacturing & Technology (MM&T) - 2010

APLF - Materials, Manufacturing & Technology (MM&T) remains the premier trade event of the global leather industry. It is relevant to all companies and individuals in the business of making leather.

Despite lowering clouds over the financial markets the outlook for the leather industry may remain quite strong. Several market analysts have suggested that leather will be viewed as an "affordable luxury" or an "affordable indulgence". The overseas holiday may have to be put off until next year but, a new leather handbag......well, why not?

And leather is likely to remain attractive in new, up-coming markets: China especially, but also India, Brazil, Russia among others. For example, research has found that car buyers in these economies are more likely to insist on leather upholstery than those in more established markets
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